CashFlix Ecosystem

CashFlix is creating a Switch (S&S) Engine to enable all token usage beyond any borders and limitations

CashFlix Wallet

Store all your crypto assets in a single location & enable them seamlessly in your daily life.

CashFlix Payment Processor

Flawless payments using any crypto assets you have at registered merchants all around the world.

Passive Income Generation

Earn additional income in BUSD by holding $flix by our built-in dividend sharing reward system.


  • Token name: Cashflix
  • Symbol: $FLIX
  • Total Supply: 88,888,888 $FLIX Tokens
  • Decimals: 18
  • 5% Reward in BUSD among existing $FLIX holders/ Transaction, Enabling passive income for the existing users.
  • 4% as Marketing/ Transaction
  • 2% as R & D/ Transaction
  • 2% as Auto-Buyback/ Transaction
  • 2% as Liquidity fee/ Transaction
  • No Team reserved tokens
  • LP Tokens are locked forever
  • In-build Anti-bot protection
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Q2 2021 - CashFlix Ideation

Feasibility Study and Idea Concept Development

Q3 2021 - Launching of CashFlix ($Flix) Token

Concept Development

Prospect and Relations Development

Technical Architecture Initialization

Publish the Cashflix Whitepaper v1.0

Building the Community Awareness

Initiate the $FLIX Airdrop Campign

Publish the Smart Contract Audit for CashFlix Token($Flix)

Q4 2021 - $flix presale/ CashFlix Legal Entity

Presale in DxSale

Trading Available for $FLIX at Pancakeswap V2 Liquidity Pools

Legal Entitiy incorparation in Estonia /EU

Obtain Fintech & Crypto Licenses in EU/EEA

Q1 2022 - Launch of CashFlix Mobile App

Beta-testing CashFlix

Launch CashFlix MVP for users - CashFlix Wallet

Q2 2022 - CashFlix Merchant App

Launch Cashflix Merchant App

Onboarding New Merchants in SEA region

Q4 2022 - CashFlix 3rd Party plugins

Introducing Cashflix Hardware POS (Android) for merchants

Launch Woocommerce/WordPress Plugin

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Meet professional behind the CashFlix

  • Lucas is a highly accomplished Ecommerce Strategist and a reputed Angel Investor. As the initial angel investor for Cashflix, He is constantly supporting and guiding the team. His invaluable experience as part of the integral team of startups over the years, he is guiding the Cashflix in business development and negotiating strategic partnerships. He is advising the Cashflix in developing long and short term tactics for growth with proven ability to develop brand and broaden customer base.

    Lucas Marveggio

    Advisor/Angel Investor
  • After studying in the South America, been gone through the school of Engineering and Founded Iodimedia - Sound Studio & Music Production Company which is popular in South America especially in Paraguay. He have accumulated experience of media production,marketing & business development. After that, entering to the IT industry, feeling the future of Fintech and the future of the sharing economy, CashFlix begun. His combined business accumen and the entrepreneurial energy drives the cashflix blueprint in to a reality.

    Peter Westermann

    Chief Executive Office
  • He Has nearly a decade of professional experience in IT industry. A Certified Smart Contract Developer from Blockchain Council. Successfully lead teams of engineers to develop & implement various tailor-made software products in Lifestyle apps, emerging tech such as Blockchain, Fintech, RPA and AI.He started the career as a junior software developer to CxO in several organizations in Singapore and Indonesia. Currently holds the position of CTO of Cashflix and focuses on driving customer experience, process and system innovation to improve customer experience and deepen customer relationships. He is passionate in transforming customer needs into software requirements and provide an applicable solutions that can solve the problems


    Danushka Adikari

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Lakmal is a true and true technology enthusiast. Constantly updating himself on industry trends and embracing the latest resources, his commitment and passion has given him strong technical skills and analytical abilities to face any challenges. Ensuring the best deliverables, Lakmal fully understand the task at hand, having worked in quite a few successfull Lifestyle and Fintech Projects, He has mastered the web3 technologies to his core. Lakmal is always gearing up for new challenges.


    Lakmal Buddhika

    Lead Software Engineer


MyJaam OÜ

Green Tower Investment Limited

Green Tower Business Limited

Beebee Digital Private Limited

How to Buy

  • Download Metamask / TrustWallet or Binance Wallet.

  • Setup your wallet ( TrustWallet is already setup ).

  • Navigate to PancakeSwap.

  • Click on connect in the right corner.

  • Copy CashFlix contract address:

  • Click on settings and set slipperage to 11%.

  • Enter the amount and hit swap.

Pay Directly with your Crypto Wallet in Physical & Online Stores using any of your Crypto Assets